INTINOR Backpack at DreamHack Winter 2018

During DreamHack Winter 2018 we tried something new. While the concept itself is not new, it was new for us. Using the INTINOR Direkt Link 600 Backpack to stream over multiple 4G connections to our main OPEN Counter Strike Global Offensive production showing parts of the festival that a lot of other solutions wouldn’t reach. Fitted with an EasyRig you can use any camera that has an SDI output. How did it look? You can see a summary in the video underneath:

We often use the regular Direkt Links 400 series for our streams that gives the capability to stream to multiple destinations, but with 4G you need to bond and error correct the several connections what they do with their BRT.

I think there are a lot of creative usages of wireless feeds going to the main production in a simple setup as this, that doesn’t require an equipment van or weird workarounds.

INTINOR – High quality – Low Latency
INTINOR – Bifrost Reliable Transport

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